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Ken writes: "Art Cars were a logical step in my art process. As a child I didn't know if I wanted to be an artist or run an auto junkyard. I drew and painted cars, and when I began doing assemblage art I used pieces from my "yard sculpture" and parts from car crushers or scrap car haulers. I had never heard of an 'Art Car' when I began the Emblem Car in early 1990; it was just a large sculpture I decided to do. An artist friend, Jim Christy, got me in contact with the Orange Show in Houston in 1994. Since then I've made three more art cars (specifically to drive to Houston) and a 5th (the Dada Car) as a daily driver which has also made it to Seattle and San Francisco."
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Emblem Car

Emblem Car (rear)

Frivolous Niece

Imaginary Canadian

Imaginary Canadian (trunk)

CopyCat Van

CopyCat van (rear)

Dada and Niece

Maliraq 1

Maliraq 2

Maliraq 3

Maliraq 4

Maliraq 5

Maliraq Hood

Dada Car 2