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Forest Installation

As seen on the LIFE Network program Life's Weird Homes.

Ken notes: "This site specific installation was begun in 1970 and is an ongoing project. It sits on two acres of leased land which had been logged three times (1900, 1935, 1965), but when I arrived there were no buildings or other material on the property. It was created to resemble the abandoned Ozark farmstead of the 1950s that, from childhood, I considered the most interesting and beautiful thing in the world (and I saw a lot of them travelling around Missouri from my home in St. Louis).

This sculpture includes 25 antique car and truck bodies (late 20s to early 50s), thousands of rusty old auto parts, a cabin (which I built and lived in for 7 years), and half a dozen outbuildings, full of hubcaps, stove parts, old bicycles and rusty old stuff."
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Model T's in the Ferns

Cathedral Row

Union 76

1936 Ford and 1933 Plymouth

Rusting Away


House in the Woods