Ken Gerberick - Visual Artist  


No Dogma... No Globalization... No Mundanes...
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Ken Gerberick began collecting autmobile parts as a child in his home town of St. Louis, Missouri; after a traffic accident in front of his parent's house, he picked up the pieces. As a youth working for his father's heating and air conditioning company, Gerberick wavered between two ambitions, becoming an artist and running an auto salvage yard. After working for some time in service stations and banks, he found employment as a graphic artist and jewllery designer in St. Louis and in Columbia, Missouri. In 1966-67, still in St. Louis, he studied art at Forest Park College. He moved in 1967 to San Francisco, where he painted for two years before coming to Canada.

Gerberick came to British Columbia in 1969. There he worked for sixteen months as a silk-screen printer while constructing his own house. Around the house he built a site specific automotive sculpture, which now includes twenty-five 1930s vehicles and covers nearly an acre. He also produced many small pen and ink landscapes, and, in 1974, was involved in founding a community arts organization. He helped this organization to establish an art gallery and a crafts shop. To support these artistic pursuits, he painted houses.

In 1978 Gerberick moved to Victoria in order to study at the Victoria College of Art under Jack Wise. After three semesters, he returned to the Comox Valley and embarked on a project of producing five hundred finished works of art in five years. This collection, includes works in a variety of styles and sizes that use media including acrylic, gouache, oil, silverpoint, graphite, watercolour and collage.

For three months in the spring of 1983, Gerberick acted as coordinator of the Arts Alliance Gallery, booking the remainder of the year's shows and collaborating in the design and construction of four conceptual environmental exhibits.

Gerberick moved to Vancouver a year laterr and opened KRAK Studio Gallery. There he has produced the paintings, collages, and assemblages which have gained him recognition in Vancouver. The assemblages are made exclusively of materials which society has used, even abused, and discarded. Many of the materials were found in the laneways of Vancouver or the dumps of Vancouver Island. These often-humourous works are designed to draw attention to the mistakes, inadequacies, and imbalances of our society.

Since 1985, Gerberick has been involved with several Vancouver galleries, where he has shown his work regularly. Very prolific, he has made hundreds of small assemblages. He now prefers to work on larger projects, including Art Cars. Formerly also a performer, he has been a member of several experimental bands (Anoyz, Gog, and The Haters) and had his own "comic industrial noise band", No Idea.