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Let It Begin


 Let it Begin

Acquired November, 2001 

'76 Buick Estate Wagon, with '62 Caddy tailfins, collaboration with Janis Corrado (pictured), co-owner. Picture from summer 2002; car is in progress. To read more about Let it Begin, scroll down past the four photographs.

    Rear View

This is the first part of the car that we worked on; it is now 99% complete


 '62 Caddy Tail Fin, with ceramic tile reading "Oh Yes!", and a large daisy to honour Janis' Daisy Duster.

Photo Credits: Larry Neilsen for all except top image

 Let it Begin at the 2002 Funky Art Car Fest in North Vancouver.

About Let it Begin

Norm the Bus Driver gave Janis and I his '76 Buick Estate Wagon on Mayne Island in November of 2001. We have been working on it since, applying various assemblage bits-- car emblems, tiles, stained glass, buttons, license plates, glass droplets, etc., and painting with enamel.

Everything has been a collaboration with all decisions consensual. We took it (unfinished) to the Art Car Fest in the San Francisco Bay Area and it was one of the seven cars (out of 80 plus) that was featured in Tyler Hoare's article in Hotline News in November 2002.

That trip took a lot out of the old Buick, and now it needs its 455 c.i. engine rebuilt.