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No Dogma... No Globalization... No Mundanes...
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Links, Friends, and Venues

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Some of Ken's work is available online through Smoke and Mirrors Publishing (the website is, an online gallery specializing in "Unique Art and Artists."

The Forest Installation has been featured on the LIFE Network program Life's Weird Homes.

From Germany, ::: GALERIEGATE ::: "all about artists--around the world" [ or]

Venues in Real Buildings with doors and windows

Agora Gallery, Soho, New York [] Agora gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of gallery buildings and museums. Provides art-consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Artist portfolios are accepted for review.

Vancouver Galleries

grunt gallery []

Tart Gallery []

Or Gallery []

Western Front []

Jem Gallery  []

Art Car Pages and Information on Mobile Art

Art Car Society of Canada Newly constituted as of just last year, Ken is a director. []

Art Cars in Cyberspace just what is says []

The San Francisco Art Car Fest ditto []

The resources page from lots of great links []

Seattle Art Cars from Doc Schlock []

Bill Stevenson's Art Car Site for Topcatwhimsy []

Some of Ken's 'partners in crime'

Philo Northrup the mind behind []

Colin Upton cartoonist [http.//]

Kelly Lyles art car artist, creator of Leopard Bernstein []

G.X Juppiter-Larsen performance nihilist []; GX's catalogue is also online []

12 Midnite rockabilly hotrod king []

Michelle aka gypsy mermaid []

Vicki M. of Tart Gallery []

Emily Duffy's The Braball []

Ken Clarke's Hungry Thumbs Studios

Independent Media